ALOR GAJAH, April 25 — The re-participation of all groups of bumiputeras in the medium, small and micro enterprises (SME) in the economic sector is among the focus of the National Recovery Plan (PPN) 2.0.

National Recovery Council (MPN) chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the coming meeting will look into the effects of Covid-19 pandemic on the groups concerned.

“The most affected is the bumiputera sector. The petty traders are no longer in business while many factories are no longer operating.

“(They) have financial problems, worker problems. So future MPN meetings, will look at the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the bumiputera sector,” he said when met by reporters after attending the Alor Gajah Bersatu Iftar function here today.

Muhyiddin said among the problems faced by bumiputeras to return to the economic sector were financial assistance, capital, cash flow, banking, manpower, training and so on.            

“So I am trying to picture the recovery even though it has just started but there are many efforts needed to be done by the government (to overcome them).

“But most importantly, the government must act proactively seek ways so that the process is implemented within a certain period which is not too long,” he said.

In March, Muhyiddin was reported as saying PPN 2.0 should be extraordinary to create strong economic growth besides putting Malaysia on the right track to achieve high-income developed nation status.

He proposed that the government start the PPN2.0 agenda quickly with policies and strategies focused on quality investment, high productivity as well as the creation and expansion of trade.