About Us

The Rise of An Entrepreneurial Cultivator

TMEF® - An architect of the SME industry who strive to provide solutions by helping SMEs realise their true strength lies in their abilities.

Since its inception, TMEF® has made its mission to empower start-ups, cultivate entrepreneurship and empower small and medium enterprise entrepreneurs no matter which community they may hail from. They could be new entrepreneurs who are just starting to launch their own business, women, veterans and more, TMEF® is committed to connecting SMEs, transforming entrepreneurship and nurturing economic development for the country.

TMEF® has made a name for itself over the years as a driver of SME growth thanks to the different initiatives and SME transformation programmes it has organized. That’s because TMEF® firmly believes that SMEs are the catalysts that support the country’s economic growth, and as an experienced entrepreneurial cultivator, TMEF® is committed to supporting that growth through SME development.

Over the years, TMEF® hosted series of SME Transformation Initiatives, spreading across nationwide and helping more than 50,000 SMEs and its network is still growing.

Through a series of ongoing SME Transformation Initiatives, TMEF® has made it its driving passion to be the voice of the SMEs, while reaching out to help promoting the different business needs of the SMEs to the rest of the markets. These devised initiatives by TMEF® are just what the specialists corresponded, specifically catered and geared towards helping these SMEs by creating awareness and emphasizing just how valuable SMEs truly are to the country.

Part of the aim of the SME Transformation Initiatives is to drive businesses through various channels provided by TMEF®, all of which have been designed to benefit these SMEs so they can thrive to their fullest potential.

These programs are divided into four specific stages – SME Transformation Programmes, Digital Media Hub, Business Networking and SME Showcasing.