KUALA LUMPUR (March 5): Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are encouraged to collaborate closely with Mimos in leveraging its expertise in research and development to harness the latest technologies, said Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Chang Lih Kang.

He said the partnership not only enables SMEs to enhance their capabilities but also accelerates Malaysia’s journey towards becoming a high-tech nation. 

“By embracing technological advancements, SMEs can elevate their position in the economic chain, contributing more significantly to our nation's prosperity,” he said in his keynote address at the Malaysia Semiconductor Industry Association (MSIA) SME Conference 2024 here on Tuesday.

Chang said many multinational corporations in semiconductor operations are transitioning towards integrated manufacturing centres, amalgamating manufacturing with research and development (R&D), product design, marketing and distribution. 

However, he said local enterprises, particularly SMEs, lag behind larger corporations in technological advancement and for that, efforts from various parties are very crucial to modernise SMEs, bridging the gap with larger entities to propel the industry forward.

“SMEs form the backbone of our economy, comprising a substantial portion of businesses across various sectors.

“They are agile, adaptable and possess the potential to innovate and disrupt industries. Electrical and Electronics (E&E) SMEs have a strong potential to contribute significantly to the country’s exports and employment in the manufacturing sector,” he said.

Hence, Chang said Mimos plays a role as an R&D centre to drive new capabilities in the upstream sector of the country’s semiconductor industry while continuing to advance capabilities in the downstream sector, in line with the E&E Roadmap: Technology Development 2021-2030.

Companies that are keen to explore applied research opportunities to boost corporate productivity can partner with Mimos in several key areas such as information security, artificial intelligence, advanced computing and photonics, he said.


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