SME Corp-registered micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) aiming to list on Bursa Malaysia in 2024 can receive support from the Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Ministry (Kuskop).

Its minister Datuk Ewon Benedick said the assistance would ease the burden of MSMEs, especially in terms of the listing fee.

“Getting listed involves high fees.

“We have thoroughly examined and carefully designed assistance for MSMEs preparing for listing, on the condition that they participate in SME Corp’s SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (Score) programme and receive a five-star rating,” said Ewon.

He was speaking after the closing and appreciation ceremony for the pilot 5-Star Score MSME catalyst programme organised by SME Corp.

Score is a diagnosis tool used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of SMEs to enable more targeted and focused assistance.

Ewon said this would be used to evaluate MSMEs in a quantitative method that followed a special criteria.

Score evaluation is based on different parameters following the sector and size of MSMEs.

“Each MSME is rated from one to five stars.

“Score evaluation is the basic requirement for applications under SME Corp that involves the Madani Micro programme.

“As of October, 73,576 MSMEs have been evaluated through Score,” said Ewon.

He said Score was the gateway to SME development programmes and it helped link SMEs with investors and large companies.

Ewon presented certificates of appreciation to 48 MSMEs that participated in the Score course, of which three succeeded in getting a five-star rating.

“I am glad that 21 of the MSMEs are planning to list their businesses on Bursa Malaysia.

“There are 10 aiming to do so in the near future while 11 MSMEs are expected to follow suit in five to 10 years.

“About 12 MSMES have ventured to new markets overseas through the Trade Linker service provided under this programme,” he added.

Ewon said the government hoped that more MSMEs would begin the transition to becoming large companies.

Score participant Mubiplas Industries Sdn Bhd managing director Samaniah Datuk Musa, 43, said the two-day course provided good exposure for MSMEs on approaches to be listed on Bursa Malaysia.

“Even if the listing is not done immediately, the course served as motivation to go forward.

“It was also an eye-opener on the proper procedures to export products overseas,” said Samaniah.

2S Packaging Sdn Bhd managing director Steve Chang, 45, said it was important to learn from the experiences of other businessmen.

“Score was a good opportunity for networking and understanding the basic procedures for the export market.

“The course will help us to improve our companies,” said Chang, who deals in manufacturing packaging materials.

Munif Hijjaz Marketing Sdn Bhd head of finance Juniza Mohd Yunos, 31, whose company deals with food and beverages, said the programme was well- mapped out and gave a thorough understanding on the strengths and weaknesses of firms.

“Currently, we are exporting to Brunei and the pointers shared on the export dealings will help us improve further as well as encourage us to expand,” she said.

SME Corp Malaysia chief executive officer Rizal Nainy said the Score programme had been successful in helping MSMEs become competitive and venture overseas.

Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Ministry deputy secretary-general Datuk Zamri Salleh was also present at the closing ceremony.