An initiative to put innovation into the mainstream of the digital economy among the people will be launched soon, said Malaysia’s Economy Minister Mohd Rafizi Ramli.

Without disclosing details, he said on Wednesday the initiative had been carried out with the cooperation between his ministry and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation since two months ago, national news agency Bernama reported.

“We have a good framework in terms of how [we want] to enhance the digital economy, but usually when we talk about frameworks or policies, a lot of focus is being given to financial issues, aid and so on.

“But we also have a challenge that needs to be dealt with well, which is the level of innovation in the economy, as the digital economy needs a high level of innovation,” he told reporters after attending a meeting with the ministry’s staff on Wednesday.

Earlier in his speech, Rafizi urged the ministry’s staff to ensure that the Energy Transition Roadmap could be finalized within three months.

“Our team has a heavy task to ensure that the plan can be completed in three months. This not only involves environmental issues or zero emissions, as the major goal of the energy transition is to guarantee the continuity of energy supply,” he said.