PETALING JAYA: The Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association (Rehda) has urged the government to reduce the RM1,500 fee for the migrant workers recalibration programme, saying the amount is unreasonably high.

In a statement, Rehda president NK Tong said the fee should be kept as low as possible to encourage businesses to participate in the programme.

He said the government’s aim should be to assist industries and spur economic recovery so that firms could hire more workers and be profitable enough to pay taxes.

“The programme itself should not be used as a source of income for the government. At the present moment, with all costs continuing to increase, the government should step in to assist us,” said Tong.

He added that reducing the recalibration fee would lead to savings being passed on to potential house buyers.

He said the move to abolish documentation fees for housing loans was a good example of lowering the cost of doing business, adding that this was being passed on to consumers.

“Rehda encourages employers in all industries with undocumented migrant workers to take part in the recalibration programme to ensure that the well-being of their workers is protected, and their projects and businesses can resume without problems.

“We hope our members will adhere to this law, as reluctance to do so may affect the development of their current projects and planned developments in the future,” said Tong.

The labour recalibration programme regularises undocumented migrants as foreign workers who can be employed by eligible employers.

The programme also allows undocumented migrants to voluntarily return home if they meet certain conditions set by the authorities.

The programme has been extended until the end of the year and involves eight sectors, namely manufacturing, construction, mining and quarrying, security guards, services, agriculture, plantations and domestic workers.