Are you ready for your Business Revolution?

There are no doubts that we have been listening to Malaysia’s journey on Industrial Revolution 4.0 for years. Digital transformation has always been the heat topic in Malaysia in conversing about developing and enhancing the nation moving forward.

But are we really ready for the I.R 4.0? Most SMEs today hesitated to move forward with digital transformation. The lack of exposure in digital transformation information, the adaptability and sustainability of digital transformation are the common concerns among the SMEs for being reluctant in executing digital transformation activities.

TMEF® SME Tech Summit 2019 will be the event of your choice where this event will enlighten you by covering the hot topics of I.R 4.0 with useful guides in understanding the challenges and digital solutions in making your business to adapt to the digital trends.

Internet of Things, Big Data, Robotics and AI Advancement, Smart online Retail and Cloud Computing!

What are these and how will they create impacts on your business? Embrace your queries and curiosities by joining us to listen to some of the Industry Experts in sharing their knowledge and experiences.

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