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Start-ups for SMEs to grow Group’s new programme to help companies gain access to knowledge-sharing sessions

AMBANK Group has launched the AmBank BizRACE as part of its continuous effort to provide additional support for the small and medium enterpr...

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Matrade: eTrade financial incentive for companies to accelerate exports

KOTA KINABALU: The Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) is providing a financial incentive of RM 5,000 under its eTrade...

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Entrepreneurs need to embrace industry 4.0, says Ahmad Maslan

PUTRAJAYA, Sept 20 — Entrepreneurs need to think about the future of their business in line with the fourth industrial revolution (Ind...

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Econ 4.0: Are we ready for IoT?

The promise is utopian. The Internet of Things (IoT) will free us from mundane jobs and automate processes in a wide range of industries, fr...

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Mara to produce global bumiputera entrepreneurs via GTC programme

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 19 — Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) is striving to produce global Bumiputera entrepreneurs with winning products throu...

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About TMEF®

The Malaysian Entrepreneurs Festival is a business community which is based under a community series of events which are hosted across the country with the purpose of helping fellow entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals via our festival. We educate, transform, inspire and motivate fellow entrepreneurs through the form of festival i.e events. We offer them invaluable resources via our leadership-development programs, entrepreneurs forum, business owners education opportunities, among other resources designed for business growth.

TMEF® gathers a group of business owners, entrepreneurs that bring values to the business community which can be shared among others. We believe in triple win policy which not only benefits the partners and sponsors, but also participants who will gain new insights to specific areas of interests while attending TMEF® series.

At TMEF®, we don’t just do business, we celebrate them!

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